September 15, 2015

September 15, 2015



Special Meeting



  1. CALL TO ORDER:   Chairman John Kosiara called the meeting to order at 3:37pm. Chairman John Kosiara led the pledge

of allegiance.


  1. ROLL CALL: Present:  John Kosiara-Elba Township, Dan Engelman-Mayfield Township, Larry Van Horn-Oregon Township, David VanWagnen-City of Lapeer, Harry Green-City of Lapeer.      Excused:   John Lyons-City of Lapeer, Dawn Walker-Lapeer Township.  Absent: Ray Hayes-Deerfield Township


Also Present:  Kelly Bales-Executive Director, Brad Fry-Maintenance Director and Traci Pewinski-

Finance & Operations Manager


III.  CHANGES/ADDITIONS TO AGENDA –  There were no changes or additions to the agenda.


  1. PUBLIC COMMENTS ON NON-AGENDA ITEMS –  There were no public comments


  1. CORRESPONDENCE –  There were no correspondence.


Chairman John Kosiara closed Special Meeting at 3:38 pm.

Chairman John Kosiara opened Annual Meeting at 3:39 pm.


Motion by Green seconded by Engelman to nominate John Kosiara for Chairman. Motion carried.


Motion by Engelman seconded by VanWagner to nominate Harry Green for Vice Chairman.  Motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Van Horn seconded by Engelman to nominate Dawn Walker for Secretary.  Motion carried unanimously.


Chairman John Kosiara closed Annual meeting at 3:53 pm.

Chairman John Kosiara reopened Special meeting at 3:53 pm.


  1. MEETING DATES FOR FY – 2016 – Motion by Engelman seconded by Green to approve the FY-2016 Meeting dates as presented.  Unanimously carried.


  1. MAINTENANCE ISSUES –  Maintenance Director Fry gave an updated report.


VII.  ACTION ITEMS – Approval of the Agenda – Motion by Van Horn, seconded by, Green to approve the agenda. Unanimously carried


  1. Meeting Minutes – August 2015 Unanimously carried.
  2. Motion by Engelman seconded by Green to approve the minutes of the August 12, 2015 minutes as presented.
  3. Bill List – August 2015 – Was reviewed and a roll call vote – Ayes 5, Nays: None Unanimously carried


  1. ContractsTeam Work
  2. 2012-0089/P15-Specialized Services
  3. V/L Monroe potential of purchasing
  4. Discussion took place concerning Phase I and Phase II. Executive director Kelly Bales has contacted a few firms to get costs of Phase I and Phase II.





  1. Income and Expense Statement – August 2015
  2. The Income and Expense Statement was reviewed there were no questions at this time.


  1. Balance Sheet – August 2015 – reviewed there were no questions at this time.


  1. State/Federal Issues  Increase budget for transit, if not fares may increase.


  1. Open Contracts
  2. i.FY11 Section 5311/CMAQ/STP/P8-Comm. Equipment Tablets- Everything is to MDOT, they are about a month behind.
  3. FY14 Section 5311/CMAQ/P11-Bus Replacement

Bus replacement response from Steve hasn’t given date, others are ahead of us and should be     here soon.


  1. Wage comparison committee – Chairman John Kosiara stated that the wage committee met and offered some information on their discussion. This was then tabled until the next meeting since all members for the wage committee were not present.


  1. INFORMATIONAL ITEMS -Ridership Report – August 2015


  1. NEXT MEETING –  Next meeting will be held on October 14, 2015 at 4:00 pm


  1. ADJOURNMENT – Motion by Engelman, seconded by Green to adjourn the meeting at 5:10 pm.      Unanimously carried.