April 13, 2016

April 13, 2016



CALL TO ORDER – Chairman John Kosiara called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm. Chairman John Kosiara led the pledge of allegiance.

ROLL CALL – Present: John Kosiara-Elba Township, Wayne Barber-Oregon Township, Ray Hayes- Deerfield Township, Dawn Walker- Lapeer Township,GIenn Alverson-City of Lapeer, Jan Peabody-City of Lapeer, Dan Engelman-Mayfield Township.  Absent: Harry Green-City of Lapeer  Also present: Gerald Shiner-Michigan Planners, Zach Shiner- Michigan Planners, Kelly Bales- Executive Director, Brad Fry-Maintenance Director, and Traci Pewinski-Finance & Operations Manager

CHANGES/ADDITIONS TO AGENDA –  Chairman Kosiara asked that we moved Action Item e. Presentation – Gerald Shiner – Michigan Planners to the top of the agenda.


CORRESPONDENCE – There were no correspondences.

MAINTENANCE ISSUES – Maintenance Director Fry stated everythin8 was going good at this time.

ACTION ITEMS – Approval of the Agenda – Motion by Engelman, supported by, Walker to approve the agenda, with the change to move Michigan Planners presentation to the beginning of the agenda. Motion carried.

Meeting Minutes – March 2016 – Motion by Walker supported by Peabody to approve the minutes of the March 9, 2016 meeting as  presented. Motion carried.

Bill List — March 2016 – Checks #31587-31709  totaling $130,425.34 – Motion by Hayes  supported by Barber to approve the bills as presented. ROLL CALL VOTE – Ayes: All Nays: None Motion Carried.

Contracts: No contracts at this time

Presentation-Gerald Shiner-Michigan   Planners —Retirement – Gerald Shiner presented the board of directors with retirement plans that Michigan Planners provides. This will not only save GLTA fees on these different options it will save the employees also. Motion by Walker supported by Hayes to change retirement plan to be administrated thru Michigan Planners using Mass Mutual as soon as it can be transitioned.

2016 Employee Benefits Proposal (Dental and Life/Disability Insurance) Motion by Alverson supported by Engelman to accept the Employee Benefits Proposal for Dental and Life/Disability Insurance for the period of June 1, 2016 thru May 31, 2017. ROLL CALL VOTE: Ayes: All Nays: None motion carried

V/L Monroe – We will be doing a walk thru with CHMP on April 14, 2016. City of Lapeer’s planner stopped in and visited with Director Bales and Finance & Ops Manager Pewinski concerning the TOPO.

Employee Handbook – Executive director Bales stated that she had sent an email last week, Attorney Garner was going to get something to GLTA. As of today have not heard anything else. Motion by Walker supported by Peabody to terminate Attorney Brian Garner reason lack of job performance and no completed product.

Lapeer Gold and Diamond-Request to advertise on the buses – It was a board consensus not to allow Lapeer Gold and Diamond to advertise on our buses.

Letter from Connie Williams-254 Bentley Street –  The letter from Lapeer City resident Connie Williams was discussed.  The problem has been in existence prior to now.  GLTA has not created this problem.  Executive Director Bales will discuss with the city officials and we will discuss at our May board of directors meeting.


Income and Expense Statement-March 2016 – The Income and Expense Statement we reviewed. The question was asked for Finance and Operations Manager to look into percentage of retained earnings to be transferred to Building Maintenance Fund.

Balance Sheet-March 2016 – The Balance Sheet was reviewed there were no questions at this time.

State/Federal Issues

Open Contracts

i.FY11 Section 5311/CMAQ/STP/P8-Comm.Equipment – Executive Director Bales we are closer to receiving the ALV.  Last week in April PC Trans will be here working with us.  We will soon be starting to convert however this will take time as we will not convert all at once.

FY15 Section 5311/CMAQ/P14-Bus Replacement – Waiting on the notification from MDOT on who the contract is awarded to.

Executive Director’s Report – Executive Director Bales reported there is good news regarding funding and the state budget, on the governor’s desk the recommendation for transit is 180 mill dollars. Discussed Mobility Coordinator they are to work with veterans and seniors to get them to drs appointments. These are reimbursed thru Medicare.


Ridership Report-March 2016 – Ridership is up in all areas this month.

NEXT MEETING –  Next meeting will be held on May 11, 2016 at 4:00 pm

ADJOURNMENT – Motion by Alverson, supported by Peabody, to adjourn the meeting at 6:03 pm.

Traci Pewinski, Recording Secretary                                     Dawn M. Walker, Secretary